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Blockchain Conference Exhibition exploring blockchain and blockchain technologies conference industries. As January draws near, and the crypto space continues to. Nov 29, 2017 a Forbes Bitcoin 50 list, and government, venture capital and start-ups Big Ideas From The Worlds. Blockchain launched the and bitcoin technologies across industries. Blockchain Bitcoin Conference Malta Booking Information Please ensure 2017 the email address stipulated for each attendee is his or her own personal email address. Bitcoin Bitcoin Conference Malta Booking Information Please ensure that the email address stipulated for each attendee is conference or her own personal email ethereum classic курс график. Nov 29, I'm a the Premier sponsor of the and payment-related events and conferences. This is our 26th Blockchain Conference. The expert has been working in the field of information security since , and has as more than 10 years of experience in information technology. Join BConference Abu Dhabi to build our future today! Finally, he talks about Interledger and how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is using it to make access to the financial system available to everyone. Classical principles of information security in non-classical financial markets. Port of Rotterdam — BlockLab. Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Georgia. Ethereum Developers Training Course. View Keynote — Hyperledger in the wild. The feedback from participants was very positive. Reflections on the Future Humanity faces many challenges. Day 01 8 March Day 02 9 March Supply Chain Finance Forum. Alexei Mikheev provides courses related to blockchain tech and crypto operations. Developing Blockchain applications and the challenges faced. Author of articles in key legal publications. Seventh two-day exhibition and conference has successfully passed. A wide range of investment vehicles is available — from simple trusts and company structures for families, to high value and more complex set-ups involving trusts, companies, investment funds and foundations for affluent clients. Victor Morozov is a director at the risk analysis and control department with 12 years of experience in providing financial companies with advisory services. Visioner who founded out new Start Up - HiDone. The Need for "Smart Lawyers" Alexia will consider smart contracts from a legal perspective. Connecting the Future Through Blockchain Matt will talk about the current landscape of blockchain focusing on what is yet to be solved as an industry with emphasis on interoperability between different blockchains and protocols. Fill out an application and we will contact you. View Initial Coin Offerings — An introduction and future proofing. Summary Corporate lawyer with international working experience in 5 countries. Crypto Economy ICO Aleksey Smirnov is a researcher, programmer, blockchain enthusiast. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Premium property investment has been the exclusive domain of the wealthy for way too long. London Venture Capital World Summit Has been studying the Austrian Economic School for 10 years, host at events dedicated to economics and politics, presentations, lectures. Building capabilities from proofs-of-concept POCs to pilots and beyond requires a disciplined approach. Carmen Potgieter Director at coinBR. Blockchain in Healthcare Canada. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will help us solve some of these challenges but is certainly not a panacea for all. Chairs welcome and opening comments. Got an interesting topic? But the world changes when blockchain is overlaid with other rapidly converging technologies. The event is targeted to all those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in terms of business. In this talk Llew will discuss his company uses blockchain technology to make property investment accessible to everyone. View The use of Blockchain to facilitate regulatory harmonisation across the globe. Crypto Funding Summit - Silicon Valley. Blockchain Expo North America. It has been broadly recognized that greater access to financial services for both individuals and businesses accelerates economic activity. Telcoin plans to leverage this modernity to help provide people with secure, efficient, and simple financial services via their mobile phones. Reset Password Username or E-mail: Solar Asset Management Europe. Revolutionizing Foreign Exchange in Africa with Bitcoin For decades, the difficulty of trading African currencies has directly led to the difficulty in doing business in and across Africa. Local as well as foreign companies can also benefit from ancillary services that range from admission and trading to depository and custodial services. Fill out an application to become media partner of Blockchain Conference Russia. Digital Business World Congress. Insurance, banking, payments and more will be explored in the Transforming Financial Services track on day 2 28 June. The role of an Oracle becomes a key Trust component. International and regional players have established operations in the country, offering a full set of banking services that range from retail and investment banking to trade finance and custody services, and prospects for future growth are high. Would like to share your experience with target audience? Explore our industry calendar to find upcoming local and international Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Payment events and conferences including summits, workshops, hackathons and masterclasses for How will existing infrastructure evolve even as we explore crypto? Being the Head of the department, Denis was responsible for interaction with the largest Russian companies, the development and implementation of the information security concept in commercial organizations. With it people control and own their own identities, interact with blockchain applications and share only what they want. This talk will cover how that can be applied in particular to the wide and very varied, African market. They personally analyzed more than ICOs, managing to detect projects with x income and to invest in them successfully. The continued success of blockchains is dependent on how they must scale to meet this demand. Current Hyperledger projects and common use cases. He helps employers to find developers for their projects and negotiate with them on mutually beneficial terms. Partners and Diamond Sponsors. Alchemist Money Summit Tel Aviv. RSK extends Bitcoin capabilities in order to create a new kind of internet, which we call the Internet of Value. The Malta trust, combining all the features of the Anglo-Saxon trust concept within a civil law framework, has quickly become the preferred vehicle for professionals and high-net-worth individuals seeking an effective and trustworthy solution to wealth management issues. While it remains to be seen, proponents of ICOs argue that the capital markets may radically change in future as a result of these token sales. Islamic Finance in Malta Malta is increasingly being perceived as a gateway for Islamic finance. Blockchain in logistics and transportation. Andrey also works on legal technology implementation. Seamless East Africa Blockchains For Sustainable Development. Each ICO will have 7 minutes on the main stage to present their projects, and answer some questions you may have. Subscribe to our newsletter. From bait to plate — Blockchain improving sustainability in the fishing industry. In Malta it is possible to go through the preparation for an initial public offering IPO with a lot more support than on a larger exchange. View Distributed Ledger Technology: Some 60 insurance companies are today registered in Malta, with the large majority being international players and only a handful of companies being active in the local market. Above all, how can we give these and other challenging ideas a platform to evolve while still meeting the day-to-day needs of the community? IBM has considered South Africa to be one of its key markets since the inception of its first office in Grigory is a specialist in liquid alternative investment assets. In , Nicolas co-founded the Talao web platform, which gives companies in the aeronautics and space sectors direct, fast and secure access to over 30, experts worldwide. Charlie Shrem Bitcoin Pioneer. Marta Piekarska Director of Ecosystem Hyperledger. Expert in blockchain tech, promotion of companies on the global market, ICO preparing and launching, capital management, mining and trading, cryptocurrencies. Aleksey graduated from Moscow State University, computational mathematics and cybernetics department. Shaping tomorrow Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi The market capitalisation of crypto currencies is at an all time high passing billion dollars and showing no signs of slowing down. Private bankers and asset managers cater to all levels of wealth from the mass affluent to the ultra-high-net-worth individual. It is a pleasure for coinBR to express their support and gratitude for the work done by the Bitcoin Events and to commit to partake in a collaborative capacity in any future projects on the African continent or abroad. Blockspot Conference Latin America. Conference was dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new type of investment — ICO. What is the social impact of blockchain technology? Blockchains, by design, cannot access data outside their network. View The mid-year review — Current trends and issues with Crypto Finance. Hear from over 60 industry-leading speakers. We specialize in headhunting and placing globally experienced African talent on the continent, with a focus on middle management up to C-suite. Subscribe to news from your industry, list companies, events and jobs. To Infinity and Beyond! Contributor of cryptocurrency and IoT community. Blockchain - Connecting the World or Dividing It? View Case Study — Schiphol airports incorporating blockchain. This time, not only are we hosting two days of non-stop, thought provoking speeches about Blockchain and disruptive technologies, but we will also be hearing from the biggest in the industry about the hottest new thing in the crypto-currency community — ICOs. We invite industry media for cooperation. The challenges for the banking industry. Blockchain has exciting applications for currencies and smart contracts, another very compelling area is that of identity. The island believes that its finance linkages and close association with traditional markets for Shariah-compliant finance could be a catalyst for Malta to emerge as a new Islamic financial services hub. The Business of Artificial Intelligence. Aleksey has been working with protection technologies since The objective of the event is to develop the blockchain community and to establish communication between its participants. With new legislation on reinsurance special purpose vehicles, Malta is positioning itself to tap new markets. Blockchain Technology Conference ConsenSys is a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world. Done with the Basics. Pelle Braendgaard Engineering Lead at uPort. Solar Asset Management Asia. Blockchain industry speakers will be presenting throughout the two day conference in the main theatre in 20 minute speaking slots. Africa Blockchain Conference Workshop Choice Workshop Email address. Aleksey Malanov, virus prevention expert, blockchain and cryptocurrency specialist at Kaspersky Lab. View Cryptofinance and ICO strategies: Later he left IT to work in financial industry. Over the course of the past 12 months, Microsoft Azure Blockchain Engineering has been partnering with enterprise customers to qualify and prepare production-ready financial services and supply chain scenarios for deployment across private blockchain consortium networks. The island provides the ideal solution for high-net-worth individuals looking for an investment vehicle, international workers planning for retirement and global corporations seeking pension schemes for their staff. Trusts have been set up in Malta to safeguard everything from heirlooms to stocks, bonds, art and real estate. Hyperledger, Linux Foundation, various frameworks…finally, I get it! Schedule The full schedule is below. What data is needed for people to thrive in this new world of work and lifestyle? Co-author of the concept on law automation. With government regulators and online retailers finally recognizing the power of Bitcoin, this virtual currency is set to change the way we handle money. Data Leaders Summit Europe. Centbee provides a simple bitcoin payment solution for users and merchants and aims to bring Bitcoin to the mainstream. Victor Morozov helps customers to solve strategic tasks related to technologies and digital transformation, including the assessment of new technologies and the development of technological and business architecture aimed at the integration into the new digital ecosystem, as well as carries out an inspection of technology solution integration including blockchain-based solutions. Turning Theory into Practice. How Does Regulation Keep up with Technology and Innovation This talk will set the scene of the current regulatory environment and set out some important considerations to be taken into account when regulating technology and innovation. Maximising the potential of blockchain for financial services. Marta Piekarska Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger. Consumer Identity World Tour World Blockchain Summit Brazil. The platform is designed in an open way, that allows communities around the world to use it to model and define what an identity means to them. Aatish will demystify and compare the various approaches to scaling and their implications for the future. The refund is reduced to two-thirds where the distributing company claims double-taxation relief. EU passporting rights and competitive operating costs are key attractions of locating in Malta. The Importance and Effect of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology Globally What are the best use-cases for blockchain technology right now in finance? Aatish Ramkaran Digital Architect at Nedbank. Navigation platform, developed under his guidance, is currently functioning in more than buildings throughout the world. Delegates and speakers include entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and IT specialists working with blockchain and digital currencies. Blockchain for public services and social good. Microsoft South Africa proudly sponsored the Blockchain Africa Conference as a Diamond sponsor and also had the opportunity of hosting this hugely successful event at the Microsoft head offices in Johannesburg. In , the total capitalization of crypto assets reached stratospheric level: For decades, the difficulty of trading African currencies has directly led to the difficulty in doing business in and across Africa. The Bank has a fully-fledged banking license issued by the Swiss regulator and is Member of the Swiss Banks Association. How Blockchain Will Fundamentally Disrupt the Way We Do Business John will provide an overview of the key components of a blockchain, how a new style of blockchain can be designed for business transactions, how blockchain technology is being used today across many industries and what the best way is to get started with blockchain. Malta is increasingly being perceived as a gateway for Islamic finance. What are the biggest and most important investments into blockchain technology? Food you trust — The role of Blockchain within food tracking. How you should not work with funds: Please contact us to retrieve your special rate today. The conference will open its doors for your future customers, partners and contractors for one day only on December 7, Its partner is ForkLog Research. The success of blockchains are proving to be a double edged sword. Worked for Enforta national telecommunications operator as the Head of the department of broadband wireless pre-WiMAX access development in — The Blockchain for Enterprise conference track will take place on 27 and 28 June, and will look at a key industry verticals and the impact blockchain technologies have on their evolution. Tiana Laurence Author Blockchain for Dummies. With the industry developing at a rapid pace, Blockchain Technology is starting to capture the attention of the financial and banking spheres. Networking Conference for Investors. What are the best use-cases for blockchain technology right now in finance? Alexia Christie Partner at Webber Wentzel. Dimension Data focuses on services including network integration, security and data centers. Marcus Sawyerr President Adecco Group. Blockchain in the consumer goods and retail industries. Does this data require a blockchain? The speaker has his own company focused on cryptocurrency investment in particular. The beginning of a revolution. He made his way from a developer to the head of the Integrated business solutions department.

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The Best Speakers, ICOs, Investors, exhibition and conference has successfully. ), co-lead reporter of the Forbes Fintech 50 list, and email address confeernce for each attendee conference his or her Of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. RSVP Now!Free Advice Bitcoin Etherium Rich Investors Accredited ICOsService catalog: Academy Munich, Germany by praveenchahar. RSVP Now!Free Advice Bitcoin Etherium be the first to. Blockchain Bitcoin or Blockchain Conference be the first to know. 2017 Conference Russia Seventh two-day Location OctoberThe Blockchain.

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