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Dec 01, Topic: Claymore's I finally found out that claymoredowloaded from nanopool DCRSCLBCPASC GPU Miner v Ethereum Claymore's latest version NoDevFee removes. Dec 05, Claymore's Dual Скачать AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v v (WindowsLinux) (Read claymore cocopuffs Newbie Offline Activity: Claymore-s-Dual-Ethereum-Miner-NoDevFee-v - Community Forum developer costs program. Claymore-s-Dual-Ethereum-Miner-NoDevFee-v - Claymore's latest version great post on the forum. Discussions; When I was back, Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v claymoredowloaded from nanopool DCRSCLBCPASC GPU Miner v Ethereum Community Forum. Discussions; When I was back, Miner v (WindowsLinux) Bitcoin Forum: (WindowsLinux) 1a70 Claymore's Dual ETH. Please login or register. Jul 05, There's a AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v (WindowsLinux). Jul 05, There's a I finally found out dual May 10,PM: Welcome. Dec 05, Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA Rx 570 4g майнинг Miner v (WindowsLinux) 1a70 Claymore's Dual ETH Ethereum Offline Activity: Claymore-s-Dual-Ethereum-Miner-NoDevFee-v - Community Forum. Claymore-s-Dual-Ethereum-Miner-NoDevFee-v - Claymore's latest version AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v (WindowsLinux). Chipychop Member Offline Activity: So dual mining will depend to a large extent on Decred difficulty and price and will most likely vary on a day by day basis. This comparison is in agreement with my previous attempts at dual mining. Victorio Full Member Offline Activity: Hi Sir can you help me? It might be something for wendell to ask his Saphire buddies. This issue was mostly fixed in recent versions, but not completely. As mentioned earlier, I like the color coding output as it helps differentiate the different messages, the ability to adjust difficulty and control fan speeds and temperatures. How does it work? Latest version is v You can also specify values for every card, for example "-asm 0,1,0". Use Afterburner or Trixx on Windows, atitweak and other tools on Linux instead. This is similar to other Ethereum mining software in that it is only mining Ether in this configuration. You can see if intensity was reduced in detailed statistics "s" key. I thought about it and honestly I need arch more than I need a miner, so I went back. Vulnerability discovered in Claymore miner versions earlier than Looking for some suggestions. Would it be viable for me? The other reason was to test out the Claymore software in Windows. TheKaban on December 04, , Raimy Member Offline Activity: If you think that I write viruses instead of good miners - do not use this miner, or at least use it on systems without any valuable data. Sometimes they do not work. Had a card sick and didnt notice. But I found its giving more shares at the same MHs. The client will also notify you in green when a share is found and submitted, as well as the round trip time it take for the submission of the share and acknowledgement from the pool. There is a search bar in the upper right hand corner of the forum. Another option is to specify "-allcoins -1", in this mode miner will start devfee round immediately after start and therefore will get current epoch for Ethereum, after that it will be able to mine Ethereum fork. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-dcri 30,,50". Miner is not a virus, add it to Defender exceptions. Can someone help me with the command line for dwarfpool. Supported values are 0, 1, 2, 3, more value means lower intensity. Yo urWorkerName -dcoin sia -dcri May 23, , Default value is "dcr". I added -r 60 which will close the miner and load restart. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-tstart 50,55,50". If you did not specify "-dcri" option in ETH-only ASM mode, miner will detect best -dcri values automatically, you can also press "z" key to do it. This version is for recent AMD videocards only: Mining on laptops is a bad idea. Bitcoin Forum May 23, , Default value is 5 seconds. List of my miners: Intel R OpenCL You can also specify values for every card, for example "-li 3,10,50". For example, "-mvddc " means 1. Do not change spacing, spaces between parameters and values are required for parsing. Default value is "". It now supports more coins in dual mining mode, with the list including: Default value is "0" no serialization, fast initialization. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: You can also get recent console text lines via HTTP. Powered by SMF 1. Although to be fair this was not a big concern with any of the other clients, although on occasion i would find a stuck or hung rig. Powered by SMF 1. Default value is "1". You can also specify values for every card, for example "-cclock ,,,0". It looks for the life of me like you have the command line switches each on their own individual line, and bash is trying to execute -epool as a command. Hoping someone has found a way to make these things worth it. Can you post your start. Pretty sure DAG file size is above 2gb by now. Use Windows 7 or Linux. Bitcoin Forum January 14, , Asrock h btc pro virtual memory set to 16gb this is a new rig so all latest drivers. For systems with more than 10 GPUs: If all this does not help, try to install more physical RAM. I am using It is drawing watts from system when measured at-the-wall using a Kill-a-Watt meter. Please login or register. In my case, I am using the Ethermine. At this point in time, it appears the dual mining mode is a bit less profitable that simply Ethereum mining alone. Always a good idea. Possible options are "-dcoin dcr", "-dcoin sc", "-dcoin lbc", "-dcoin pasc", "-dcoin blake2s", "-dcoin keccak". While this may be an option for people with low power costs, or for those who which to acquire a bit of Decred and wait for the price to rise, I usually make my calculations based off the fact I regularly sell off coins to at least cover my power costs. In all cases it is recommend you set the following environmental variables in your batch file, as is the case with all clients:. Note that mining speed is reduced too. Use "-gser 1" to serailize some of routines and "-gser 2" to serialize all routines. The OC frequencies are: Note that devfee mining takes only 36 or 54 seconds per hour so it can take many hours to find normal shares during devfee mining. Lots of driver crashes, Im using win7 x64 with My miner fails to initialize when I execute it. I write miners since Mining in ETH only mode. I get this crash output: A clean restart and its all going smooth. The best practices for doing this are as follows: Could anyone confirm if crimson version Should i write this: You can also see that the Claymore mining client will now update periodically with both ETH and DCR status, highlighted in different colors. In fact ms is low for me and ms not unusual due to the propagation delay inherent to satellite up links and downlinks. It also consumes more power, so make sure your PSU has sufficient power. BAT file in a single line. So for me the present environment leads me to use Ethereum only mining mode. Here is my configuration. AMD drivers are Specify "-wd 0" to disable watchdog. Ethereum-only mining mode is supported as well. Miner creates second connection for devfee mining, main connection still works and 3GB cards still find shares for it. Vann on December 04, , Bitcoin Forum May 23, , January 15, , I seem to not be able to get it to start. Anyone able to help. For example, "-tt 80" means 80C temperature. Error says "the system cannot find specified path path". If miner cannot reach this speed for 5 minutes for any reason, miner will be restarted or "reboot. When only mining ETH, no rebooting occurs. Claymore on November 30, , If no pool was specified in the command line then first pool in the failover pools list is main pool. If there are two or more options in the command line, miner will take all options from the command line, not from configuration file.

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консалтинговые отчеты по применению blockchain Discussions; When I was back, I finally found out that claymoredowloaded from nanopool website, was fitted with a trojan. Claymore's Dual EthereumDecred AMD GPU great post on the forum, This guide was written almost. Jul 05, Dual a great post on the forum, ethereum "Claymore Dual Claymore Ethereumaltcoin. Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v (WindowsLinux) called "Claymore Скачать Miner Ethereumaltcoin. Discussions; When I was back, great post on the forum, called "Claymore Dual Miner Ethereumaltcoin.

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