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Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner. Claymore-Dual-Miner - Claymore's Dual EthereumDecred_Siacoin_Lbry AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner. BBT Multi-Miner v| Added ClaymoreMusicoin, Signatum, more dual (Read times). Latest version is v added assembler kernels for ETHLBC mining single mining ETH on my speedup for LBC. If you mine ETC on some pool that does not accept wallet address but requires Username. Miner disconnects automatically if pool does not send new jobs for a long time or if pool rejects too many shares. It also consumes more power, so make sure your PSU has sufficient power. Possible options are "-dcoin dcr", "-dcoin sc", "-dcoin lbc", "-dcoin pasc", "-dcoin blake2s", "-dcoin keccak". You can also specify values for every card, for example "-lidag 1,0,3". Specify zero to disable control and hide GPU statistics. Claymore Donator Legendary Offline Activity: You can also specify values for every card, for example "-ttdcr 80,85,80". May 23, , You can see these shares in the log file, all devfee shares contain "Devfee: Trimegistus Legendary Offline Activity: So you have a choice: For example, Tahiti reports v5, Hawaii v6. By default, low power states have low voltage, setting high GPU clock for low power states without increasing voltage can cause driver crash. Had a card sick and didnt notice. BAT file in a single line. Place all command line arguments in. You can also specify negative value to close miner immediately instead of stopping GPU, for example, "-tstop " will close miner as soon as any GPU reach 95C temperature. I implemented v5 and v6 and it worked fine for some time. Yohow Member Offline Activity: Default value is "". This version is for recent AMD videocards only: Default value is "-wd 1", it enables watchdog, miner will be closed or restarted, see "-r" option if any thread is not responding for 1 minute or OpenCL call failed. For example, "-mvddc " means 1. Usually I use "ethpool" pool for tests. There is detailed information about the "a few minor bug fixes and improvements"? You should make some changes in Windows: This setting defines how many epochs miner must foresee when it reserves GPU buffer, i. Powered by SMF 1. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: No, during these connection attempts miner still mines for you. Upcoming version supports Vega and fan management for latest drivers, so the only thing you need is to wait a couple of days for new drivers from AMD. No change in memory controller load edit2: If you downloaded miner from some other link - it really can be a virus. Sometimes miner freezes randomly until any key is pressed. I write miners since You can also specify values for every card, for example "-tstart 50,55,50". You can set this mode for every card individually, for example, "-mode " will set mode "1" for first and third GPUs 0 and 2. It is Ethereum miner with extra bonus coins. You can also select current pool in runtime by pressing "e" or "d" key. BennyT on August 01, , August 01, , You can also specify values for every card, for example "-cvddc ,,,". If prefix is missed, Stratum is assumed. A clean restart and its all going smooth. So the developer fee is Pretty sure something on my end. Also worker name and other options if pool supports it. For ethermine the command line should be "-allpools 1" and "ESM 0" right? First, I updated the AMD driver to If not specified or zero, miner will not change current clock speed. If miner cannot generate DAG file, check environment variables see Readme , check if your GPU has 3GB memory at least, and check if you have enough virtual memory pagefile. Use Afterburner or Trixx on Windows, atitweak and other tools on Linux instead. What should I repair, or did I miss something during the upgrading process? List of my miners: My main pool is eu1. For example, "-tstop 95" means 95C temperature. It serializes GPUs initalization routines. Yes, see "-tstop" option. Hero Member Offline Posts: YourWorkerName -epsw x -dpool http: You can also get recent console text lines via HTTP. Default value is "0". For example, "-ttli 80" reduces mining intensity if GPU temperature is above 80C. Supported values are 0, 1, 2, 3, more value means lower intensity. This probably is the difference in time calculations on both platforms. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-fanmax 50,60,70". Full Member Online Activity: Do not change spacing, spaces between parameters and values are required for parsing. More value means less heat and mining speed, for example, "-li 10" is less heat and mining speed than "-li 1". Or which kind of software we need for mining Bitcoincash?? Same for 3GB cards in Windows DragonSlayer on April 11, , Only Stratum protocol is supported for pools. Specify negative value to enable monitoring get statistics but disable management restart, uploading files , for example, "-mport " enables port for remote monitoring, but remote management will be blocked. Hero Member Offline Activity: Default value is 30 minutes, set zero if there is no main pool. Sometimes they do not work. It is a good idea to set "-ttdcr" value higher than "-tt" value by C. In reality the accepted hashrate is usually the same. So you can create "reboot. To mine extra coins only use other miners. Luisjc69 Member Online Activity: Anyone care to share command line for supernova? This issue was mostly fixed in recent versions, but not completely. This is a price for the extra work done. But in this mode they support v7 a bit differently than Polaris so I had to change my code again to support this new "feature" of drivers. If you get best speed at "-dcri 1" i. Another option is to specify "-allcoins -1", in this mode miner will start devfee round immediately after start and therefore will get current epoch for Ethereum, after that it will be able to mine Ethereum fork. After restart, miner will append new log data to the same file. I seem to not be able to get it to start. If the first character of a line is ";" or " ", this line will be ignored. And in the "epools. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-dcri 30,,50". Attempts to cheat and remove dev fee will cause a bit slower mining speed same as "-nofee 1" though miner will show same hashrate. Hardware feature, accept it as an extra bonus. Reduces mining intensity, useful if your cards are overheated. Thank you for your work. If you did not specify "-dcri" option in ETH-only ASM mode, miner will detect best -dcri values automatically, you can also press "z" key to do it. Default value is "0" no low intensity for DAG generation. Default value is 0 feature disabled. If miner does not show any errors or slowdowns, they are happy. This option works only if miner manages cooling, i. Default value is "3". You can also set this option for every card individually, for example "-etha 0,1,0". Powered by SMF 1. Also "-ethi" now can set intensity for every card individually, for example "-ethi 1,8,6". If I was helpful please buy me a coffee BTC: Luisjc69 on August 01, , To enable encryption, use "ssl: Note that I can guarantee clean binaries only for official links in my posts on this forum bitcointalk. We had to wait for a couple of months before it was finally released. YourWorkerName -epsw x -dpool " http: YourWorkerName -epsw x -esm 3 -dpool sia. Place one option per line, if first character of a line is ";" or " ", this line will be ignored. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-powlim 20,,0,10". Default value is "dcr". Branko Full Member Online Activity: Default value is "1", use "-colors 0" to disable coloring. You can see current Decred intensity coefficients in detailed statistics "s" key. Default value is 2. Miner supports up to 32 GPUs. Note that "-tstart" option value must be less than "-tstop" option value. Default value is "0" no serialization, fast initialization. My miner fails to initialize when I execute it. Claymore on August 01, , You can also use environment variables in "epools. If there are not any command line options, miner will check "config. Default value is i. Often when OpenCL fails, you have to reboot the system, not just restart miner. You can also specify epoch number for benchmark, for example, "-benchmark ". Use "-gser 1" to serailize some of routines and "-gser 2" to serialize all routines. Usually no, but it depends The most low GPU load is "-ethi 0". You can also specify values for every card, for example "-tstop 95,85,90". April 11, , So you should connect it directly to the pool at Stratum port and it will work a bit faster than official miner via proxy because there is no proxy between miner and pool. The Rig can run from an hour to over 14 hours without any issues but the issue occurs as shown below: Default value is I buy private Nvidia miners. Please read Readme and FAQ in the first post of this thread before asking any questions, probably the answer is already there. You can set password for remote access at least EthMan v3. Specify "-logsmaxsize 0" to cancel old logs removal. Worker" instead of wallet address are not supported directly currently, but you can use "-allpools 1" option to mine there. You can use -di to change order of GPUs to match both lists. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-asm 0,1,0". If you want to clear old log data, file name must contain "noappend" string. You can change 30 minutes time period to some different value with "-ftime" option, or use "-ftime 0" to disable switching to main pool. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: This feature is disabled by default "-tstop 0". Specify "-mport 0" option. During devfee mining 3GB cards still mine for you. Currently most pools support Stratum and you have to use HTTP-to-Stratum proxy to make official miner work with pools properly. Miner displays appropriate messages during startup. Miner is not a virus, add it to Defender exceptions. To avoid it, miner reserves a bit larger GPU buffer at startup, so it can process several epochs without buffer reallocation. New update will equal AMD and Nvidia in term of hashing power, as was before. For example, "-r 60" - restart miner every hour or when some GPU failed. There are builds for Windows x64 and for Linux x64 tested on Ubuntu This option works in Windows only. This feature is disabled by default "-tstart 0". Please read Readme and FAQ in the first post of this thread before asking any questions, probably the answer is already there. Miner cannot just stop if cheat is detected because creators of cheats would know that the cheat does not work and they would find new tricks. Msobh on July 31, , If miner cannot reach this speed for 5 minutes for any reason, miner will be restarted or "reboot. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-mvddc ,,,". Could it be that I have a mix of GPUs? Use Windows 7 or Linux. Now nvidia have some advantage, but soon it will be nulled. If no pool was specified in the command line then first pool in the failover pools list is main pool. It is a good idea to set "-ttli" value higher than "-tt" value by C. For example, "-tt 80" means 80C temperature. For example, "-cvddc " means 1. You can also use your web browser to see current miner state, for example, type "localhost: Yes, see "-tt", "-dcri", "-ttdcr", "-li", "-ttli" options. Default value is ms. Finally I made it work, but sometimes it works with strange issues, currently I try to find the reason. Proxy is connected to the pool via Stratum protocol so it has small delays too.

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Claymore released on MiningShed Hot v Now Available 8 Feb tc mining v gim tiu Claymores Dual Ethereum AMD and Claymore GPU. Latest version is v added AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v (WindowsLinux) both как завести биткоин кошелек Nanopool. Latest version is v added mode, I just tested Claymore with Claymore's miner he fixed GPU Miner January 12. Claymore released on MiningShed Hot on the heels of versionClaymores Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA the compability issue which was Twitter My Tweets. AMD and NVIDIA Claymore - AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner mine options. Claymore's Dual Ethereum Ethereum GPU Miner On the other hand dual mining v claymors tiu Claymores Dual Ethereum AMD and Nvidia Скачать.

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