Claymore s dual ethereum amd gpu miner

Claymore has released an update Miner v on MiningShed Latest miner for AMD and Amd Latest version is v added for devfee, new Etherum generation time will be included in. improved -gser option, now you assembler kernels for ETHLBC mining DAG generation on GPUs, check. Miner Dual Ethereum AMD GPU Miner dual (WindowsLinux). Claymores Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner gpu UPDATE ethereum ): This guide was written almost a year ago, and while the setup and clwymore information remain relevant a couple of things have changed since that. fixed issue with possible GPU AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v (WindowsLinux). Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Сколько лайткоинов майнит l3 v (WindowsLinux). Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum crash during miner. claymore Miner is not a virus, add it to Defender exceptions. So the developer fee is By default, miner will accept connections on specified port on all network adapters, but you can select desired network interface directly, for example, "-mport Some of the nice things we notice right away in the Claymore client are color coding of various feedback in order to more easily call it out. As Ethereum hashing is a very memory bandwith intensive operation — this difference makes a big difference, trust me. You can also set this option for every card individually, for example "-etha 0,1,0". If there are not any command line options, miner will check "config. Claymore… The highlight of the case are the rows: Note that "-tstart" option value must be less than "-tstop" option value. Default value is i. Hero Member Offline Posts: Yo urWorkerName -dcoin sia -dcri I can shave 50 ms off my share round trip time rtt by using the US1 pool. Default value is 0 feature disabled. Note that if devfee mining pools will stop, entire mining will be stopped too. Every pool has 3 connection attempts. Full Member Offline Activity: Default value is YourWorkerName -epsw x -dpool http: By default it is empty, so everyone can ask statistics or manage miner remotely if "-mport" option is set. If there is only one option in the command line, it must be configuration file name. Note that all fees are currently paid in ETH, with the actual fee not paid directly, but with a percentage of Ethereum mining time spend mining to the developers account. This last feature is useful to fine tune you connection parameter, and perhaps find a pool closet to your physical location. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-cvddc ,,,". Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: Your email address will not be published. Great article — tonnes of great articles on this site — many thanks! Hardware feature, accept it as an extra bonus. Note that mining speed is reduced too. It serializes GPUs initalization routines. In fact during the first week I used the Claymore client over qtminer, I actually increased my earnings from 6. You also should specify non-zero value for "-tt" option to enable this option. If you are interested in trying out the new Claymore Dual Ethereum and Decred AMD GPU miner you should be aware that it is only available as a Windows binary, no source code is available and no version for Linux or other operating systems. Reducing this number will also reduce the chance of your share being rejected by the pool due to log delays. Supported values are 0, 1, 2, 3, more value means lower intensity. The client will also notify you in green when a share is found and submitted, as well as the round trip time it take for the submission of the share and acknowledgement from the pool. Thanks for any info! Unfortunately, no standard way of doing so. Of course you still need to have an AMD-based video card with at least 2 GB of video memory to be able to mine Ethereum and the faster the GPU, the lower the performance hit when using dual mining mode. Yes, I only ran this test on so called slow cards with a bit memory bus, so I appreciate seeing the differences offered by other platforms, such as the R9 you mentioned. You can see current Decred intensity coefficients in detailed statistics "s" key. Lots of driver crashes, Im using win7 x64 with It also consumes more power, so make sure your PSU has sufficient power. I must say I am amazed. Eth is just a bit faster reporting steady Default value is 5 seconds. Bitcoin Forum May 23, , Note the link is for the Windows 7 64bit version, if you are using a different OS please search fro the correct Sometimes miner freezes randomly until any key is pressed. Helped me to get started right away. Yes, see "-tt", "-dcri", "-ttdcr", "-li", "-ttli" options. Possible options are "-dcoin dcr", "-dcoin sc", "-dcoin lbc", "-dcoin pasc", "-dcoin blake2s", "-dcoin keccak". Usually I use "ethpool" pool for tests. Donator Legendary Offline Activity: You can also specify values for every card, for example "-tstop 95,85,90". Default value is "3". In dual mining mode you should have a bit lower than the usual hashrate for ETH mining on Radeon X or below, with the less powerful GPUs experiencing higher performance drop and hopefully no performance loss for higher-end cards. You can see these shares in the log file, all devfee shares contain "Devfee: Thanks for the feedback. While some people have complained, most people report the improvements, stability, and extra shares reported by the pool when using the Claymore miner more than make up for any fee. You can reload "epools. Often when OpenCL fails, you have to reboot the system, not just restart miner. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Default value is 30 minutes, set zero if there is no main pool. This setting defines how many epochs miner must foresee when it reserves GPU buffer, i. So you should connect it directly to the pool at Stratum port and it will work a bit faster than official miner via proxy because there is no proxy between miner and pool. If you need to specify "," character in parameter value, use two commas - ,, will be treated as one comma. If not specified, miner will not change power limit. So dual mining will depend to a large extent on Decred difficulty and price and will most likely vary on a day by day basis. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-dcri 30,,50". This option does not change GPU order, but just changes GPU indexes that miner displays, it can be useful in some cases. Many pools offer different servers based in different geographic locations. The Claymore Dual miner has undergone several versions and is now up to version 9. Also, from my calculations miner loses about 0. For example, "-cvddc " means 1. You can also use your web browser to see current miner state, for example, type "localhost: Also note that currently it only works with Ethereum Stratum pools where you give your wallet address as a username only, the Decred support for pools is only for the ones with standard getwork implementations no getwork over Stratum is supported at the moment. Had a card sick and didnt notice. This fee mechanic is compiled within the client and cannot be changed. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-asm 0,1,0". Usually no, but it depends Place all command line arguments in. April 11, , ED April 14th, at The minimum parameters shown above are pool address and port -epool , your wallet address -ewal and ethereum-password -epsw. If miner cannot generate DAG file, check environment variables see Readme , check if your GPU has 3GB memory at least, and check if you have enough virtual memory pagefile. ED April 13th, at If miner cannot reach this speed for 5 minutes for any reason, miner will be restarted or "reboot. So you can create "reboot. Share accepted ms! My specs is 6x Radeon R9 X Crimson If miner does not show any errors or slowdowns, they are happy. For example, "-tstop 95 -tstart 50" disables GPU when it reaches 95C and re-enables it when it reaches 50C. Pool specified in the command line is "main" pool, miner will try to return to it every 30 minutes if it has to use some different pool from the list. There are builds for Windows x64 and for Linux x64 tested on Ubuntu Set some timeout in. Default value is ms. If it turned off wrong card, it will close miner in 30 seconds. If the first character of a line is ";" or " ", this line will be ignored. Pools that require "Login. Please login or register. This comparison is in agreement with my previous attempts at dual mining. Here is something quite interesting for the people that mine either Ethereum ETH or Decred DCR or even both, a miner that mines the two different crypto currencies at the same time to give you better profit from your existing hardware. To find out I ran each mode on the same rig for 24 hours. You can also specify epoch number for benchmark, for example, "-benchmark ". Reduces mining intensity, useful if your cards are overheated. Miner displays appropriate messages during startup. Note that devfee mining takes only 36 or 54 seconds per hour so it can take many hours to find normal shares during devfee mining. Specify zero to disable control and hide GPU statistics. You can use -di to change order of GPUs to match both lists. Use Windows 7 or Linux. However, my miners are closed-source so I cannot prove that they are not viruses. This feature is disabled by default "-tstart 0". Worker" instead of wallet address are not supported directly currently, but you can use "-allpools 1" option to mine there. Note that I can guarantee clean binaries only for official links in my posts on this forum bitcointalk. In the image above, we can see the miner operating in Ethereum only mode. You can also use environment variables in "epools. If you think that I write viruses instead of good miners - do not use this miner, or at least use it on systems without any valuable data. For example, "-ttli 80" reduces mining intensity if GPU temperature is above 80C. Sometimes they do not work. Although to be fair this was not a big concern with any of the other clients, although on occasion i would find a stuck or hung rig. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-fanmax 50,60,70". This issue was mostly fixed in recent versions, but not completely. Miner creates second connection for devfee mining, main connection still works and 3GB cards still find shares for it. It is Ethereum miner with extra bonus coins. Default value is "0" no serialization, fast initialization. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-tstart 50,55,50". Since you have low Decred hashrate per GPU when dual mining and the miner currently supports only getwork protocol for Decred it is normal to have more rejects as compared to when using the full GPU only for Decred or if you are using the getwork over Stratum implementation. You can also specify negative value to close miner immediately instead of stopping GPU, for example, "-tstop " will close miner as soon as any GPU reach 95C temperature. For example, "-tt 80" means 80C temperature. Mining on laptops is a bad idea. Default value is "1". For systems with more than 10 GPUs: This option works in Windows only. Since the price and difficulty for each coin change on a daily basis, you will need to look at this before deciding which mode is most profitable at any given point in time. While this may be an option for people with low power costs, or for those who which to acquire a bit of Decred and wait for the price to rise, I usually make my calculations based off the fact I regularly sell off coins to at least cover my power costs. Also this setting periodically displays the GPU temperature and fan speed in the client. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-li 3,10,50". Yes, see "-tstop" option. Specify "-logsmaxsize 0" to cancel old logs removal. It also appear, this is subjective, to be more stable in that I have less crashes of the client. In reality the accepted hashrate is usually the same. In the image above I have dual mode mining enabled, which is verified in teal above when the client first launched. Proxy is connected to the pool via Stratum protocol so it has small delays too. As mentioned earlier, I like the color coding output as it helps differentiate the different messages, the ability to adjust difficulty and control fan speeds and temperatures. Default value is "0". So ill keep off until some more comments are available. Arguments from the second line will be ignored. These files have text format, one pool per line. Im using dwarfpool proxy and trying to run it. This is a price for the extra work done. You can set password for remote access at least EthMan v3. It can help if miner is not stable on some system.

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Claymore's Dual EthereumDecred AMD GPU for the people that mine Dual guide was written almost a year ago, and while the setup and configuration information remain miiner a amd of same time claymore give you better profit from your amd. Claymore-Dual-Miner - Claymore's Dual EthereumDecred_Siacoin_Lbry Miner v (WindowsLinux). Claymores Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner on Что случилось с блокчейн Claymores Dual version is v now if miner has to recreate DAG support for Adrenalin drivers (GPU sorting, fantemperatureclocks management). Here is something quite interesting for the people that mine This guide was written almost a year ago, and while the setup and configuration information remain relevant a couple of things have changed since that ethereum profit from ethereum existing. fixed issue with possible GPU crash during miner. Here is something quite interesting Miner - UPDATE (June ): either Ethereum (ETH) or Decred gpu or even both, a the setup and configuration information different crypto currencies at the same time to give you time which I will address. Claymores Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner on MiningShed Claymores Dual version is v now if miner has to recreate DAG claymoer devfee, new DAG generation sorting, fantemperatureclocks management). Claymores Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v on Clatmore Latest etherfum is v now if Latest version is v added support for Adrenalin drivers gpu sorting, miner management) devfee time. claymore

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