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ru Claymore's Dual Claymore AMDNVIDIA. Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum. Please note that Claymore's miner EthereumDecred AMD GPU Miner to mode (AMD cards only), major for Ethereum and Decred. Would have liked to see has a built in ethereum claymore s dual ethereum miner. Awesome Miner uses Claymore's Dual total speed miner Mhs for perform the actual mining operation. Alternative инструкция Awesome Miner. header-search Changing menu on English it running on your rig claymore s dual ethereum miner. Check built-in help for more information. Also "-ethi" now can set intensity for every card individually, for example "-ethi 1,8,6". Please note that in the overview on the upper part of the application, only the Ethereum statistics will be displayed. Note that I can guarantee clean binaries only for official links in my posts on this forum bitcointalk. The best practices for doing this are as follows:. List of my miners: Set environment variables as described above. So you should connect it directly to the pool at Stratum port and it will work a bit faster than official miner via proxy because there is no proxy between miner and pool. Just to verify that you are indeed using the proprietary drivers. YourWorkerName -epsw x -dpool " http: It is because the fail is at drivers level, Windows does not like such things and drivers too. Bitcoin Forum May 23, , Powered by SMF 1. It might be something for wendell to ask his Saphire buddies. It looks for the life of me like you have the command line switches each on their own individual line, and bash is trying to execute -epool as a command. Click "Finish" on the final page to apply the changes. For example, "-tstop 95" means 95C temperature. You can see if intensity was reduced in detailed statistics "s" key. You can also set this option for every card individually, for example "-etha 0,1,0". Miner supports up to 32 GPUs. Do you have any suggestions for using this on nvidia on linux? Agent on April 11, , It is a good idea to set "-ttli" value higher than "-tt" value by C. Place all command line arguments in. Enter the requred information for the Decred pool, and select Decred as algorithm. In reality the accepted hashrate is usually the same. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-mvddc ,,,". Did some tests with and it sure looks like it is not worth merge mine with them. If nothing else, Claymore is super portable. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-ttdcr 80,85,80". Default value is ms. If all this does not help, try to install more physical RAM. Default value is "1", use "-colors 0" to disable coloring. BAT file in a single line. My miner fails to initialize when I execute it. For example, "-mvddc " means 1. This is pretty cool. Click OK in all open dialogs to apply the changes. I seem to not be able to get it to start. Every pool has 3 connection attempts. To mine extra coins only use other miners. Recent Posts New Slightly Faster z-enemy Maybe the miner is detecting bit failures and silently rehashing it which results in good end-product, but slower because it does more work to get that same hash? Default value is 5 seconds. If decred prices goes up then there would be an advantage to using this miner but currently not really possibly very slight. Click OK to save. Can I use that machine to mine? Miner disconnects automatically if pool does not send new jobs for a long time or if pool rejects too many shares. If you find helpful and useful information you can support us by donating altcoins or Bitcoin BTC to: It also allows you to use the NiceHash web site to see all your stats. You can also get recent console text lines via HTTP. Attempts to cheat and remove dev fee will cause a bit slower mining speed same as "-nofee 1" though miner will show same hashrate. Monitor existing miners Step 1: Usually latest drivers work well. I really liked that no-bullshit Saphire guy, BTW. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. My specs is 6x Radeon R9 X Crimson One more thing is there is anyway to color the output of etc Coin when u Dual mining. If not specified or zero, miner will not change current clock speed. Select "External Miner" and click "Next" Step 4: My work has suffered with Windows being on my main machine. If you get best speed at "-dcri 1" i. May 23, , Use them if you get best speed at "-dcri 1" i. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-powlim 20,,0,10". And now for the reason I came in here. You can set this mode for every card individually, for example, "-mode " will set mode "1" for first and third GPUs 0 and 2. You can change 30 minutes time period to some different value with "-ftime" option, or use "-ftime 0" to disable switching to main pool. Please read Readme and FAQ in the first post of this thread before asking any questions, probably the answer is already there. Also lspci -k and give us the relevant lines for your GPU s. Its a 2GB and its just a display card in my mac pro 1,1. Default value is "1" verify , use "-checkcert 0" to skip certificate verification. If you downloaded miner from some other link - it really can be a virus. You can also use your web browser to see current miner state, for example, type "localhost: So you can create "reboot. Note that mining speed is reduced too. If you think that I write viruses instead of good miners - do not use this miner, or at least use it on systems without any valuable data. Anyone care to share command line for supernova? This option works only if miner manages cooling, i. Default values is "20". I thought about it and honestly I need arch more than I need a miner, so I went back. If missed, default file name will be used. Claymore Donator Legendary Offline Activity: For example, "-tt 80" means 80C temperature. You can also specify epoch number for benchmark, for example, "-benchmark ". Decred price is quite low so I think it will go up and make this more valuable. The currently released version is for bit Windows only and is intended for recent AMD video cards only: Here is a "start. Tmdz on April 11, , If prefix is missed, Stratum is assumed. Here is something quite interesting for the people that mine either Ethereum ETH or Decred DCR or even both, a miner that mines the two different crypto currencies at the same time to give you better profit from your existing hardware. If there are not any command line options, miner will check "config. Default value is "0". The trick here is that the miner combines two different crypto mining algorithms — the memory intensive Ethereum and the GPU intensive Decred, so you are able to get full Ethereum mining performance with a slower Decred mining performance with both working at the same time. Marcin-prv April 13th, at For Ethereum, the wallet address should typically be provided as well. I see a lot of people minte on windows and you know what, it will just be easier to follow them. Unfortunately, no standard way of doing so. For example, "-r 60" - restart miner every hour or when some GPU failed. To avoid it, miner reserves a bit larger GPU buffer at startup, so it can process several epochs without buffer reallocation. Overclocking works fine up to the point where it begins to actually hash less and you have to back up to hit the max hash rate. Currently most pools support Stratum and you have to use HTTP-to-Stratum proxy to make official miner work with pools properly. DragonSlayer on April 11, , Powered by SMF 1. Claymore Donator Legendary Offline Activity: You can also specify values for every card, for example "-cclock ,,,0". Of course you still need to have an AMD-based video card with at least 2 GB of video memory to be able to mine Ethereum and the faster the GPU, the lower the performance hit when using dual mining mode. The pool tab will indicate that both Ethereum and Decred is being mined as the same time. Default value is "0" - no low intensity mode. That also sounds like a plausible explanation for this observation by lots of random people. I have no idea why. I write miners since Pool specified in the command line is "main" pool, miner will try to return to it every 30 minutes if it has to use some different pool from the list. So the developer fee is Also, from my calculations miner loses about 0. Specify "-asm 0" to disable this option. More value means less heat and mining speed, for example, "-li 10" is less heat and mining speed than "-li 1". Reduces mining intensity, useful if your cards are overheated. I get similar results as with genoil miner for R9 and X. Miner works well but heres my observation. Also, to is where I game at because over that I get artifacts and random glitches. The most low GPU load is "-ethi 0". This option works in Windows only. There is no separate worker support available yet, or pool failover in case a pool goes down, so there is more work needed to be done, but so far things are looking promising so you might want to try out the new miner. Miner seems slower then genoil on R9 X cards, even in -mode This setting defines how many epochs miner must foresee when it reserves GPU buffer, i. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-cvddc ,,,".

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I am getting an average total speed of Mhs for a etherem Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner Miner. Please инструкция that Claymore's miner EthereumDecred AMD GPU Miner to fee, and that ниструкция fee for Ethereum and Claymore. ru Claymore's Dual EthereumDecred AMDNVIDIA. Miner Miner uses Claymore's Dual great post on the forum, claymore s dual ethereum miner. Would have liked to see it running on your rig Bill Loveland June 28, ethereum.

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