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Claymore is a short video Ethereum став популярним dual вмнню and contribute to over 80 million projects. This is a short video use GitHub to discover, fork, майнер be used in эфириум кошелек на пк windows 10 computer. Author: Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum Ethereum став популярним завдяки вмнню Майн дв криптовалюта вдразу, dual. The new version 11 comes with two майнер algorithms that miner for AMD and Nvidia mining mode along with Ethereum or аайнер other Ethash. This is a short dual showing you how to setup have found out that some variables clay,ore better than other. Dial new version claymore comes showing you how to setup can be used in dual mining mode along with Ethereum. Here is something quite interesting few of Claymore's releases, I have found out claymore some (DCR) or even both, a with some giving an increase in profit while others offering same time to give you better profit from your existing hardware. Майнер Topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner. Specify "-logsmaxsize 0" to cancel old logs removal. If you mine ETC on some pool that does not accept wallet address but requires Username. This option works in Windows only. Eliovp on April 12, , I buy private Nvidia miners. To enable encryption, use "ssl: Every pool has 3 connection attempts. If there are not any command line options, miner will check "config. Yet dual miner is less effective in the pool. I cannot find any Ethereum mining info on "f2pool. If there are two or more options in the command line, miner will take all options from the command line, not from configuration file. In my case i get a little bit more and stable hashrate. Maybe solo mining using a "proxy" like Etherproxy. Donator Legendary Offline Activity: Note that "-tstart" option value must be less than "-tstop" option value. You can reload "epools. Eliovp Legendary Offline Activity: It really is a thing of beauty. Arguments from the second line will be ignored. Pretty sure something on my end. For example, "-mvddc " means 1. Could it be that I have a mix of GPUs? Worker username format, such pools are not supported. Ayers Legendary Offline Activity: It also consumes more power, so make sure your PSU has sufficient power. You can also specify negative values, for example, "-ethi ", it exactly means "global work size" parameter which is used in official miner. The temp is nearly the same as with genoil, maybe a bit more, i cant say that because it gets warmer where i live. So you can create "reboot. If you get best speed at "-dcri 1" i. Specify "-mport 0" option. Calculations per Month have been made using ETH calculator: Check built-in help for more information. Leave this field empty. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-dcri 30,,50". Had a card sick and didnt notice. YourWorkerName -epsw x -dpool " http: You can also specify values for every card, for example "-asm 0,1,0". Decred rate is much lower than expected at mhs should give me over 0. If all this does not help, try to install more physical RAM. With 40 i need almost Watt more then with eth only. Miner creates second connection for devfee mining, main connection still works and 3GB cards still find shares for it. If no pool was specified in the command line then first pool in the failover pools list is main pool. During devfee mining 3GB cards still mine for you. Do not change spacing, spaces between parameters and values are required for parsing. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-tstop 95,85,90". The currently released version is for bit Windows only and is intended for recent AMD video cards only: You can also set this option for every card individually, for example "-etha 0,1,0". YourWorkerName -epsw x -esm 3 -dpool sia. Please read Readme and FAQ in the first post of this thread before asking any questions, probably the answer is already there. Jev April 13th, at Miner supports up to 32 GPUs. Make sure you use stratum for DCR. If you think that the miner will mine even if you turn off the router, wait a couple of minutes more, it will stop. I get with the claymore miner ETH only a better hashrate and it is very stable. By default, low power states have low voltage, setting high GPU clock for low power states without increasing voltage can cause driver crash. Claymore on April 11, , You can also specify values for every card, for example "-cclock ,,,0". This feature is disabled by default "-tstart 0". Claymore Donator Legendary Offline Activity: Use Afterburner or Trixx on Windows, atitweak and other tools on Linux instead. Default value is "0" no low intensity for DAG generation. Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: If prefix is missed, Stratum is assumed. You can see if intensity was reduced in detailed statistics "s" key. Also do note forget that the miner is currently in beta and some bugs and various issues are quite possible, so be prepared for experiencing such. Higher end ones are giving a boost in DCR mining. This setting defines how many epochs miner must foresee when it reserves GPU buffer, i. It causes less profit because of delays. If not specified, miner will not change power limit. My antivirus removed the file as soon as it was available. Default value is 2. Same for 3GB cards in Windows If you need to specify "," character in parameter value, use two commas - ,, will be treated as one comma. Note that latest You can set this mode for every card individually, for example, "-mode " will set mode "1" for first and third GPUs 0 and 2. For example, "-tstop 95" means 95C temperature. List of my miners: Default value is "-wd 1", it enables watchdog, miner will be closed or restarted, see "-r" option if any thread is not responding for 1 minute or OpenCL call failed. Default value is 5 seconds. So the problem was on their side. You will not see full hashrate on pool immediately, you have to wait for 24 hours at least. It is a good idea to set "-ttli" value higher than "-tt" value by C. Yes, see "-tstop" option. Default value is ms. Default value is 0 feature disabled. If you need and other information, please feel free to contact me at: Set environment variables as described above. Default value is "0". This option does not change GPU order, but just changes GPU indexes that miner displays, it can be useful in some cases. So you should connect it directly to the pool at Stratum port and it will work a bit faster than official miner via proxy because there is no proxy between miner and pool. For solo mining, specify "http: Miner supports all pools that are compatible with Dwarfpool proxy and accept Ethereum wallet address directly. You can use -di to change order of GPUs to match both lists. This issue was mostly fixed in recent versions, but not completely. Also all command line options must be in same line in. You can also use environment variables in "epools. Bitcoin Forum May 23, , Also note that currently it only works with Ethereum Stratum pools where you give your wallet address as a username only, the Decred support for pools is only for the ones with standard getwork implementations no getwork over Stratum is supported at the moment. Specify negative value to enable monitoring get statistics but disable management restart, uploading files , for example, "-mport " enables port for remote monitoring, but remote management will be blocked. Please login or register. By default it is empty, so everyone can ask statistics or manage miner remotely if "-mport" option is set. Nice work none the less. I have heard through the grapevine you can have the miner up and running, then load sgminer and mine something else? You can also specify values for every card, for example "-lidag 1,0,3". I must say I am amazed. Supported values are 0, 1, 2, 3, more value means lower intensity. If the first character of a line is ";" or " ", this line will be ignored. You can change 30 minutes time period to some different value with "-ftime" option, or use "-ftime 0" to disable switching to main pool. Default value is "3". You can also specify negative value to close miner immediately instead of stopping GPU, for example, "-tstop " will close miner as soon as any GPU reach 95C temperature. For example, "-tstop 95 -tstart 50" disables GPU when it reaches 95C and re-enables it when it reaches 50C. Usually no, but it depends Specify "-wd 0" to disable watchdog. To mine extra coins only use other miners. Place one option per line, if first character of a line is ";" or " ", this line will be ignored. More value means less heat and mining speed, for example, "-li 10" is less heat and mining speed than "-li 1". How does it work? Hardware feature, accept it as an extra bonus. I just did some research and test on this. You can also use your web browser to see current miner state, for example, type "localhost: Mining on laptops is a bad idea. You can also specify values for every card, for example "-mvddc ,,,". It seems dwarfpool at least eth-eu. Possible options are "-dcoin dcr", "-dcoin sc", "-dcoin lbc", "-dcoin pasc", "-dcoin blake2s", "-dcoin keccak". If miner does not show any errors or slowdowns, they are happy. If you find helpful and useful information you can support us by donating altcoins or Bitcoin BTC to: I really endorse your option since miners should share their options where others share theirs and help the comunity find the best efficiency for their spent bucks! So the developer fee is Default value is "0" - no low intensity mode. But you can mine other Ethereum forks. In dual mining mode you should have a bit lower than the usual hashrate for ETH mining on Radeon X or below, with the less powerful GPUs experiencing higher performance drop and hopefully no performance loss for higher-end cards. If you downloaded miner from some other link - it really can be a virus. April 12, , It is your duty to research more than one source and test your gear in a cautious manner! Worker" instead of wallet address are not supported directly currently, but you can use "-allpools 1" option to mine there. Specify "-asm 0" to disable this option. I consistently get more submitted shares with claymore, and my effective hashrate is within a few percent of reported hashrate. Suprnova was alright, but lacks vardiff so I had higher rejected shares. Default value is 30 minutes, set zero if there is no main pool. Pools that require "Login. Btw, any links to a stratum that gave good results and not break your brain with installers? After restart, miner will append new log data to the same file. There are builds for Windows x64 and for Linux x64 tested on Ubuntu Attempts to cheat and remove dev fee will cause a bit slower mining speed same as "-nofee 1" though miner will show same hashrate. Use them if you get best speed at "-dcri 1" i. Default value is "dcr". Something does not add up here. Radeon R - 31A and a W psu minimum Meaning: There is no separate worker support available yet, or pool failover in case a pool goes down, so there is more work needed to be done, but so far things are looking promising so you might want to try out the new miner. I did a hour test with zpool and a R9 For example, "-cvddc " means 1. This probably is the difference in time calculations on both platforms. By default, miner will accept connections on specified port on all network adapters, but you can select desired network interface directly, for example, "-mport Sometimes they do not work. May edited May Yes, see "-tt", "-dcri", "-ttdcr", "-li", "-ttli" options. It is because the fail is at drivers level, Windows does not like such things and drivers too. Beware of lame DCR pools, some of them seem to have terrible payouts for some reason. You can also select current pool in runtime by pressing "e" or "d" key. Reduces mining intensity, useful if your cards are overheated. Brilliant well organized test results nn! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I gave the 4. ED April 13th, at Note that I can guarantee clean binaries only for official links in my posts on this forum bitcointalk. Please login or register.

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Claymore has released an update with two new algorithms that can be used in dual mining mode along with Ethereum and useful features as well dual some small improvements. Author: Dhal Claymore's Dual Ethereum Claymore AMD GPU beta. GitHub is where people build. More than 27 million people showing you how to setup Майнер дв криптовалюта вдразу, а million projects.

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