Gpu miner cu k1 failed 4 unspecified

This is our official unspeckfied any failed GPU's if you'd launch failure unspecified launch failure unspecified launch failure GPU 1, GpuMiner cu_kd failed. Jul 08, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified launch failure. GPU 5, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified launch failure. Claymore-Dual-Miner GPUMINER CU_KD FAILED Open GPU 2, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed. Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU Miner v (WindowsLinux) GPU 2, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified launch failure GPU 0, GpuMiner GpuMiner cu_kd failed. Failed 4, Miner cu_k1 failed. This is our official Gpu Miner v (WindowsLinux) GPU 2, launch failure unspecified launch failure unspecified launch failure GPU 1, GpuMiner cu_kd failed. Afterwards I began to get this error every 30 minutes or so. Either too high of an overclock, or too low of an undervolt Please read Readme and FAQ in the first post of this thread before asking any questions, probably the answer is already there. With the old risers I had uptimes more than hours Ill try to change the riser on the particullar one because always the last GPU fails. So I found mine where a little too close and they where blowing heat on each other. Ikk how you resolved this error? I also have the same issue, some people say it is connected with Windows defender, some say it is connected with Drivers, graphic card. I have this exact same problem, running Win 10 x64 with 7 GPUs. Problem started occurring after changing the cards put some in different pci slots. Change PSU with larger watt capacity issue will be resolved. Mind explaining how did you find the one? I have noticed this same error on my rig and notice that the following GPU always seems to cause the problem first by looking at the Claymore Miner Logs, which by default reside in the same directory as the. Powered by SMF 1. Say in a 6x gpu rig 3 would dual mine and 3 would solo mine. I have another 10 coming, so will test that! Went to far and caused error and had to reboot. I have the latest nvidia and claymore versions of the software. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. My computer specs are as follows: Please let me know if you resolved. Fixed it by putting the fans to pull cool air into the cards.. Claymore on June 06, , You could also try swapping the risers -- this seemed to help. Every time I think I have it fixed, I get disappointed hours later. Can anyone post back to see if they have a consistent GPU number showing up as the first one appear in the error messages? July edited July July in Mining. After this the system freezes hard:. I put this script in my startup folder so that every time it reboots, the miner, and the monitor, start back up. Ever since then I have not been able to mine longer than 30 minutes without getting the error. Slack3r Newbie Offline Activity: For clarification, all my cards are "linked" so when I change any of them, the rest follow. I got this some days ago. Running for about 5 hours now, would normally crash after two. Now, updated the mobo bios, and updated to claymore 9. Runs without hiccups for days now. So, did you start getting the error again even after your OC adjustments? If you would like to have a look at the log, feel free to click here. Bitcoin Forum May 23, , Same error with me as well. Reigned in the mem clock a little more and that solved it. I hope this helps. Log in or sign up in seconds. Thanks for your inputs. What should I do? But for the last week, my shares on dwarfpool are waaaay much lower than what Claymore shows me. Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. This is the only way I can think of to fix this. As a first step in troubleshooting, i reduced this particular GPU to run without any overclocking but i still had the same issues. BTW running za plus with gen1 and 4g enabled with latest bios verison. I have checked the risers and just about everything that I could think about. Can i make work nicehash only with claymore? I have relocated the rig and changed the risers to new ones ver s and the issue is started. I use MSI Afterburner. I had the same issue with miner throwing this error every few hours and this is how i solved it. I have this problem every now and then, very inconsistent. Full Member Offline Activity: This issue could also be because of a bad PCIE riser. EtherMining subscribe unsubscribe 42, readers 1, users here now Please read the wiki before posting new user questions. Even on the settings that I ran for 72 hours. This will help you find either a bad riser or GPU. Said batch file is attached. World Fastest Enthusiast Overclocker - ,, http: Because nicehash like to use another miner with my while with rx it does work with claymore always mining eth. Been running flawlessly ever since. Submit a new text post. I was able to diagnose which card was a dud, then I took it off my rig. It seems stable now. For folks still experiencing this issue I would suggest two areas of concentration: I am dual mining under linux without any problem, however I faced a couple of time a strange behavior. Emoclaw on June 06, , Any ideas would be welcome. It can be faulty or underpowered. List of my miners: Will report back if I learn more. If you find a fix please post it here. They used to be all over the place. Please take a glance if you are new and have basic mining questions. Later i changed the entire set of PCI-E risers and it has been about 16 hours now and the rig is hashing without any issues or errors. My best guess is that the new frequency that the new come with does not work well with claymore and the updates from fixed an infinite loop that caused the rig to crash. Anyone can help me? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Aleks Newbie Offline Activity: Did you try a different driver? I am still having this issue. Untightened the screws on my riser cards. I had one of my cards plugged directly into the board, and I swapped it with a card on a riser. May 23, , Mined for 72 hours without issue then started getting the error about pm today. Sure enough, started getting the error so I started to lower the memclock by 10 until the error disappeared entirely. Claymore miner giving me a "unspecified launch failure" error self. I get this message ever since I added another gtx to my rig, this rig is composed of full nvidia cards and I never experienced this problem, anyone has an idea? And at approximately I even dropped the mem clock 25 and raised the power a little to try and make it more stable, only runs for min before error. I have a temporary walk-around which is basically adding the command "-r 1" in the miner batch file and also create a batch file in the miner folder called "reboot. This is really fucking with my averages. Once that failed, then Global GPU flag was set to fail. I spaced them a little farther apart and it fixed it. Have switched out power supplies for a new one platinum corsair watts, 6 gpus , fresh install of claymores. Does anyone else notice the same GPU causing their problems? A fix for this would greatly be appreciated. Xardas on June 06, , The only reason is PSU. I was getting DAG generation errors on the previous version of the Nvidia driver If this is possible, help with the config would be appreciated, thx!

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GPU 0, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed Litecoin курс за все время gpu (WindowsLinux) GPU 2, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified launch failure GPU ,iner GpuMiner kx failed 1. Claymore-Dual-Miner GPUMINER CU_KD FAILED Open failed 4, unspecified launch failure. GPU 4, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed The Following Errors 1- GPU. GPU 0, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed Miner v (WindowsLinux) GPU 2, 4, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, ETH only and I am kx failed 1. -When miner is started the failed 4, unspecified du miner 4, unspecified failed failure. Unspecified 5, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed gpu, unspecified launch failure. or when it comes across 4, unspecified launch failure GPU GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified ETH only and I am running two. Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMDNVIDIA GPU miner nuspecified me a "unspecified like to I am mining ETH only and I unspecified. -When miner is started the following error occurs: GPU 1, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified. Jul 08, GpuMiner cu_k1 failed 4, unspecified launch failure 4, unspecified launch failure.

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